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Prepack Catering

minimum order 5 pax

Carbs - Rice

RM 5.50 / pax

Golden yong chow fried rice

Hong kong claypot mushroom chicken rice

Golden ebikko crab meat fried rice

Butter garlic rice

Mediterranean rice with raisin

Pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts

Kimchi fried rice

Garlic butter rice

Japanese curry fried rice

Tomato fried rice

Nasi lemak with condiments


RM 8.00 / pax

Seafood baked rice with mussels

Nasi briyani

Carbs - Noodle

RM 5.50 / pax

Singapore style mee hoon

Superior stir fried kuey teow

Spaghetti bolognese with sauteed cherry tomatoes /  parmesan cheese

Spaghetti cabonara

Aglio e olio with assorted mushroom

Tom yam mee hoon goreng

Mee goreng mamak

RM 8.00 / pax

Shanghai braised noodle with assorted mushroom

Spaghetti bolognese with chicken meatball

Scampi prawn spaghetti

Penne pesto with sauteed cherry tomatoes

Korean style spicy garlic shrimp linguine

Cold soba

Fried ramen

Okaka spaghetti

Protein - Meat

RM 6.50 / pax

Green curry chicken

Red curry chicken

Ayam masak merah

Ayam berempah

Ayam rendang

Ayam kari

RM 8.50 / pax

Sweet & sour chicken popcorn

Mala chicken

Szechuan spicy chicken

Braised chicken

Honey garlic chicken chop

Honey butter chicken chop

Mushroom chicken chop

Garlic mushroom chicken chop

Black pepper chicken chop

Korean fried chicken

Korean spicy chicken

Korean sweet honey chicken

Chicken katsu

Teriyaki chicken

Chicken kaarage

Side Dishes

RM 3.00 / pax

Mash potatoes with gravy

Piping hot steam chicken siew mai

Four season roll

Pan fried gyoza

Deep fried spring roll

Deep fried curry puff

RM 4.00 / per set

Golden chicken wings

Hot and spicy chicken wings

Honey garlic chicken wings

Buffalo wings


RM 6.00 / pax

Tom yam soup

Kimchi soup

Lotus root with peanut soup

Chinese white radish soup with red dates

Silky tofu mushroom egg drop soup
Borscht soup
Pumpkin soup
Tomato soup

Mushroom soup

Creamy chicken soup

Protein - Fish

RM 7.00/ pax

Simmer dory fish with black bean sauce

Simmer dory fish with tomato sauce

Deep fried fish fillets with lemon sauce

Mediterranean fish with tomatoes

Baked fish with cajun sauce

Thai style steam dory fish

Lemon chilly steam dory fish

Sweet and sour fish fillet

Ikan goreng celup tepung

Ikan sambal serai

Protein - Seafood

RM 9.50 / pax

Hua chiao prawn

Golden prawn toss with nestum

Prawns with lemon butter sauce

Sambal prawn

Sweet and sour golden squid

Stir fried salt & pepper squid

Honey chilly squid

Chilly coriander squid with lemon sauce

Sambal sotong

Sotong goreng


RM 3.80 / pax

Oriental toufu with enoki mushroom

RM 5.00 / pax

Three treasure vegetables

Stirred fried kang kong with belacan

Japanese style stir fried vegetables

Roasted seasonal vegetables

Honey glaze herb potato and pumpkin


Sayur goreng campur

RM 7.00 / pax

Braised mushroom with broccoli

Lo hon vegetables

Japanese style curry vegetables

Japanese potato salad

Thai mango salad

Caesar salad


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