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How To Prepare Ultimate Roti Paratha; Roti Paratha Sirlion Beef Steak Wraps

Occasionally, when we eat roti paratha, we will pair the roti paratha with dhall, chicken curry, lamb curry, fish curry and etc because that's how our local mamak serve them. Besides pairing your roti paratha with Indian sauces, do you know you can also pair your roti paratha with grilled sirloin beef? How? Good question!

Step 1 : Prepare the ingredients

1 piece of roti paratha (fry with butter) 3 pieces of green coral lettuce (wash and cut) 3 pieces of cherry tomato (wash and cut) 7 pieces of Japanese cucumber (wash, peel and cut) 1 nos of egg (pan fried until half cooked) 150gm Australia grass fed sirloin beef steak (cook medium well) 2 tbsp black pepper sauce Aluminium foil

Step 2 : Arrange the ingredients on top of the roti paratha

a) Lay the roti paratha flat on top of the aluminium foil

b) Place green carol lettuces

c) Scattered the sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on top of the lettuces

d) Arrange the slices beef neatly on top of the cucumbers and tomatoes

e) Scoop 2 tbsp black pepper sauce on top of the beef

f) Place the half cooked egg on top of the beef

g) Wrap the roti paratha from bottom to top. While you wrap, gently squeeze the roti paratha inwards with both of your palms to tighten the space between ingredients inside.

h) Twist the sides of the aluminium foil to avoid leakage of juice from the sides

i) Cut the roti paratha into half

For food lover who couldn't intake beef, you may change the meat to chicken, salmon, lamb or any meat source you can find from your fridge. Enjoy making this simple yet nutritious roti paratha wraps. 😘

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