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Top 3 Must Have Wedding Decoration

The process of planning the decoration for wedding dinner night can be nerve wrecking at some point when we realize there are a list of questions we need to figure out first before engaging an event decorating company to help us to visualize and fabricate. One of the common question; "What is the theme you have in mind?" Once you figure that out, next common question; "What is your requirements? Do you need a photo backdrop? A photo display area? Aisle decoration?

If you agree to the above, this is the perfect post you have to continue reading. As we’ve made shortlisted top three must have wedding decoration for couples who are engaging either hotel ballroom or Chinese restaurant as their venue for their wedding dinner night.

1. Photo Backdrop

Photo backdrop is the area where invited guests know where to find the Groom and Bride. After greeting and welcoming the arrival of friends and family members, on the same spot, you can strike a post for a photo or even post a boomerang on your Instagram. One stone strikes two birds.

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2. Wedding Photo Display Area

We all have to come to an agreement that we spend a huge amount of money on pre-wedding photography. When is the best time to share them with your lovely friends? During the wedding night!

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3. Pastries and Canape Cocktail Area

One thing about Malaysian timing is that we are always one hour late. Let's not generalize all Malaysian. Let's put it as some Malaysian; and to those who arrive on time with empty stomach can be sometime frustrating (*hangry*) Preparing small bites to award those who arrive on time is always a good idea so that we can still see big smiles on their faces during our first march in.

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Photo credit : Kay Event & Patisserie

Decorated by : Kay Event & Patisserie

Food supply by : Kay Event & Patisserie

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