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Roasted Chicken

minimum order : 30 pax


RM 32.50 per pax

  1. Buttery garlic rice

  2. Aglio e olio with sautéed cherry tomatoes 

  3. Mushroom chicken chop / Black pepper chicken chop       

  4. Oven baked garlic butter fish 

  5. Roasted seasonal vegetables

  6. Mash potatoes with brown sauce

  7. Ice orange / lemonade cordial

  8. Infused water with fruit slices

RM 42.50 per pax

  1. Basil fried rice

  2. Spaghetti bolognese with chicken meatballs

  3. Black pepper chicken chop

  4. Baked fish with cajun sauce / Baked fish with brown butter sauce

  5. Coriander lime squid                 

  6. Honey glaze herb potatoes and pumpkins

  7. Mash potatoes with brown sauce

  8. Ice orange / lemonade cordial

  9. Infused water with fruit slices

RM 52.50 per pax

  1. Mediterranean rice with raisin

  2. Penne pesto with sautéed cherry tomatoes / Scampi prawn spaghetti

  3. Orange rosemary chicken breast tenderloin

  4. Baked Mediterranean fish / Baked fish with lemon cream sauce

  5. Chilly coriander squid with lemon sauce

  6. Honey onion shrimps with assorted vegetables

  7. Cocktail sausages with onion and capsicums

  8. Roasted seasonal vegetables

  9. Mash potatoes with brown sauce

  10. Ice orange / lemonade cordial

  11. Infused detox water

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