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Floral Arrangements v9-01.png
Pedestal Table v2-01.png
Pedestal Table v2-01.png
Pedestal Table v2-01.png
Floral Arrangements v9-01.png
Floral Arrangements v9-01.png




RM 3,500.00

L shape backdrop with sticker flooring finishing

Product display pedestal | cart | shelves

1. Choose a color / theme

Color :

elegant gold, tuxedo black, superstar red, dreamy purple, green nature, pure white, sunshine yellow, old fashion brown or etc

2. Add on decoration

Backdrop panel : RM 450.00 / per panel

Arch panel : coming soon

Printed board : RM 130.00 / per unit

Floral arrangement : RM 200.00 / per unit

Balloon garland : RM 300.00 / per unit

Pedestal stand : RM50.00 / per unit

Display rack : RM100.00 / per unit

Display cart : RM 600.00 / per unit

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